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allow you to express your message or words withing 140 -160 characters only. Abbreviations ensures that you may express your messages easily withing the word limits. We'll go through the reasons why and give you the insights necessary to make it easier for you to talk to cute/hot girls.Aside from the diversity of pointlessly different distribution packaging details, the Linux Desktop stack (with existing frozen / back-compatible API/ABIs) is not profoundly different from other operating systems - indeed, arguably it is better for ISVs since we have access to open the lid on the box and work with each other as some are finding out.

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While I have huge respect for his experience and insight, I think the causes are larger.There’s a speech input button that allows dictation to happen (that button gets replaced with a Send button once text has been entered into the box).There’s a Close button that, obviously enough, closes the text-entry box, while a View button will open the thread in Whats App proper. As we are getting more and more busy, this has influenced our life completely.Even while chatting with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whats App etc. Using such quick abbreviations help us save time from typing longer while chatting.

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