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But to me, it also serves to highlight that wanting more diversity in books doesn’t just mean wanting more books with African-American, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, Hispanic-American, and/or GLBTQ protagonists in general — it also means that we need books with more diversity within these not a monolithic culture or race or experience, but it’s hard to tell based on the YA novels available.We didn’t get organized enough to get pictures of the turkey or a family picture but we got one of the Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake and the Apple Pie! A bout of tummy trouble in our house has kept us from keeping up with blogging.There really isn’t a whole lot to report since we are kind of plugging along with daily life. Last week we went to the park and tried out his “leash”. It is a cute little bear back pack that happens to have an attachment so we can keep him close.

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Luckily Owen and I have found a little dressing room so I can be confident about my lack of confidence. My friend Nina and I giggle our way through the locker room as people very slowly shower and dress and lather lotion and dry their hair without a teeny tiny glimmer of feeling immodest.This loan enables you to fulfil the many dreams and wishes with no financial constraint.Most student loans are over the span of 10 to 30 decades however, you’re able to pay them off in no more than five decades if you’re smart about it. The main thing that comes to mind is that Jackson is a healthy, running little boy. We have experienced loss and hard times since his cancer scare but we have experienced great joy in the fact that he is with us, healthy and strong. We are thinking of cooking a weekly turkey to have around at all times for Jackson’s staple food! I can feeeell iiiittt seeeeettttiiinnngg iiinnn.” This was just before a fabulous nap!

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