Dating a pretentious man

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Make no mistake — this is a personality and mental disorder and a mental health care professional can help them, but only if they want the help.

Unless you are a trained therapist and they have sought you directly for the purpose of assisting them with this mental disorder.

Here, six anonymous twentysomething men and women who self-identify as sapiosexual explain what the word means to them, their experiences dating as sapiosexuals, and common misconceptions about sapiosexuals.

Woman A: 24Woman B: 22Woman C: 23Man A: 25Man B: 24Man C: 26Woman A: That I find a person’s intelligence, wit, grasp on academia, and worldly perspectives far more attractive than their looks.

But, that chance was given the second you showed up at your first date.

Here are 18 signs that you should run far, far away: is arguably, a classic piece of modern literature.

I cannot interact with someone who makes subjective statements, rationalizing their opinions with a mere "Well just just how I feel." There is nothing sexier than sitting on a stoop at 4 A. with someone who has made such a compelling argument that I am questioning my own logic, or realizing a bias I never knew I had.

Woman C: I identify as a sapiosexual, because to me talking about chemistry is the equivalent of talking dirty to me.

In collaboration with our own Ashley Friedman – Cornerstore Correspondent True, most everyone deserves a chance.

“I was dumped because I returned a Redbox DVD a day late,” gripes one Reddit user. “If you’re having an awesome time on a date, but you judge the person for ordering red wine with fish, that’s not legit,” she says.

Social media is filled with tales of dating demerits.

“If you know upfront something that’s not going to work for you, then why waste your time? “A chain restaurant is bad enough, but he made me pay! “She tried to convert me to a Baptist before we even had our appetizers,” says the 55-year-old construction worker from Staten Island. Twentysomethings prefer texting, while people over 40 prefer a phone call. “I felt like I was on ‘The Bachelor,’ ” says the shocked account manager. I finally had enough and left.” The ultimate dealbreaker?

Steve, 57, who declined to give his last name, says eye contact is the most important on a first date — and he bails on anyone who is on her phone during dinner. Feeling like you’re auditioning for reality TV, not a relationship.

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