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There’s no doubt that dating is different today than it was ten, twenty, and fifty years ago, but the mix of generations from spry millennial to seasoned baby boomer all coexist in this modern, connected world.

Dating is certainly different among each generation today, but commonalities still exist in this universal pursuit of love, relationships, and the courtships they entail. There are secrets untold, mysteries yet to be discovered and new avenues to pursue.

On this occasion the weather was just not in my favour, it was a hugely hot day and…

Read More » Sometimes the beach gives you better hair, and other time you just want to pin it all back.

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Here are a few tips on how to […] READ MORE Last week I spent some time signing books at Troys is on El Paseo Drive, and Stein Mart is in the Ranchos Des Palmas shopping center. This is going to be as uncomfortable as trying to find super absorbency tampons in the Ladies section of the drug store. We have let you fondle our boobs like a college boy, woken up with a thing sticking in our back and tried our best to enjoy your drunken sex when you've been out with the boys and you slurring....."yeeeerrrr so pppretttyyyy"...... so imagine driving for 4 hrs straight in a snow storm, with your nagging spouse and screaming kids and you have to what it feels like doing a radio show when your hormones are going into've heard my show...don't I sound happy???!!! Today’s tutorial is a half up braid that I use to hide a frizzy blowdry.This could be a blow dry that I did myself but hasn’t quite worked out or on second or third day hair.

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