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Emma is confronted by Regina about her past and, afterward, spills cocoa all down herself.

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She is in the diner again when she learns that she in fact won the election and is the new sheriff of Storybrooke.Whilst staying at the B&B, Emma reads her newspaper in the diner and is soon served a cocoa by Ruby, who says that the blonde has an admirer.Thinking it's from Sheriff Graham, Emma confronts him; however, it's actually from Henry.Granny's Diner comes into being along with the rest of Storybrooke, Maine when the Evil Queen, Regina, enacts the Dark Curse which rips everyone from the Enchanted Forest and sends them to a land without magic.She enjoys her first day in town as Mayor Mills, although when she enters Granny's she is annoyed to discover a little boy taking up her seat.

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