Internet dating cyber predator

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An online predator is an adult who seeks to exploit youths for sexual or other harmful purposes.

If you or someone you know is a teen who regularly uses the internet, take steps to stay safe.

Daynes, 19, showed no emotion when he dramatically changed his plea on the opening day of his trial this week – meaning Breck’s parents, teaching assistant Lorin La Fave, 47, and Barry Bednar, 50, an oil trader, may never know why their son was murdered by the disturbed loner.

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Nothing else has so radically shaped culture, media, commerce, entertainment, and communication.

Unfortunately, the digital world can have just as many dangers as the "real" world.

Online predators are one of the greatest threats to your personal safety on the internet.

The anonymous cruel messages kept coming - some from complete strangers.

Greg, an obese high school student, was changing in the locker room after gym class.

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