Naruto dating

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Zatrzymuj się na każdej stacji dokującej, by odkrywać mapy, które pomogą Ci osiągnąć swoje cele. Any insulting comments will just be ignored or reported, so... *whistle* I'm Hidan's little sister : 3 ah, I chose "you're cute" all 5 times, not only out of niceness though, because the character you drew is really cute : D (I also clicked the other option just to see what your character would say, sorry X D )anyhow, thanks for the game. Tym razem jednak skierowana głównie do pań, ponieważ nasza bohaterka musi poderwać chłopaka/chłopaków. I'd like to thank two people though, whom without their stories this one would have never come into fruition. I've had this idea flowing around in my head for a long time and have written several chapters for it in my notebooks so I decided to finally sit down and type it up.

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