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Causality works bottom-up and top-down at once (Image: David Maitland/Millennium Images) Fritjof Capra goes beyond The Tao of Physics with The Systems View of Life, a much-needed vision of biology with a dash of Eastern mysticism WHEN I was about 17, I was briefly transfixed by the teachings of Eastern mysticism.

His wonderful book kindled a fascination with quantum theory which I have never lost (although I gave up on mystic enlightenment long ago).

At any time after that, if it so decides, the CER can provide 15 years’ termination notice in writing.

This in effect means that the licence is valid for a minimum term of 30 years in all.

They were sentenced to death, though Thailand has not conducted an execution since 2009 and such sentences are often commuted to life behind bars.

• Thai govt poll: 99 per cent of citizens 'happy with the leadership' In a powerful statement read outside the courthouse, Mr Miller’s brother Michael made clear that he and his parents Ian and Sue shared no doubts about the guilt of the two men after sitting through much of the evidence.

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