Updating r4ds firmware andre balazs dating chelsea

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All the cards we send out are preflashed and can work on all 3ds and dsi firmwares.(2015-4-21) Currently the latest 3ds system version is V9.5.0-22, this r4i gold 3ds card is the best r4 card for playing ds games/homebrew/SNES games on your 3ds/dsi/ds consoles. you don't need to update it by yourself when you receive it.

After you receive Ak2i from us, just download the latest AKAIO firmware from here: AKAIO V1.90 Extract it and put all the files in the root of your SD card,also put some game roms in your SD card.

This is the first official ‘firmware update’ in over a year where users don’t have to buy a brand new card to continue using them on their DSi consoles.

This is significant and probably gives the R4i 3DS team a bit more respect; this means that the components they’re using to build the R4i 3DS / R4i SDHC cards are now better.

(2015.2.16) Today the 3ds system firmware has been updated to V9.4.0-21, the r4i gold 3ds card we send out is preflashed, it is working great on your 3ds and ds consoles. (20) 3ds/3ds xl new firmware V9.3.0-21 released, the r4i gold 3ds is working great on it.

COM we provide illustrated guides and tutorials on how to set-up your 3DS flash card and how to upgrade firmware for improved compatibility with new R4i rom games.

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